“Just because I’m Miss Bum Bum doesn’t mean I don’t deserve respect”

Rosie Oliveira had her infamous asset felt“Just because I’m Miss Bum Bum doesn’t mean I don’t deserve respect”

Source: Rosie Oliveira: Miss Bum Bum 2017 winner has bottom groped at Sao Paolo afterparty | Daily Star

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Eminem – Walk On Water (Audio) ft. Beyoncé 

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The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open ft. Beck

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David Bowie feat. John Frusciante – Bring Me The Disco King

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hey guys

out in the desert..

Lost Lake festival. havent been away from home this long in a minute. feels good to just disconnect for a change. my phone broke on day one but maybe theres a message in that too to just be in the moment. i love sharing images of experiences, especially building shows, backstage, unique awesome moments i have access to. there were so many in arizona this weekend. going to start documenting more. 

in the meantime, im checking in, still alive, partially in love, tired AF, ready to go home but theres just 2 days left in this madness which, i must admit, could of been far worse. i’m grateful for my opportunities today.

one love
mister black

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Hurricane Irma: South Florida nuclear plants say they’re ready | Miami Herald

Turkey Point, Miami’s nuclear power plant, and the St. Lucie nuclear power plant are preparing for Hurricane Irma by cleaning up grounds and finalizing staffing plans. Neither plant has shut down its nuclear reactor in advance of the storm.

Source: Hurricane Irma: South Florida nuclear plants say they’re ready | Miami Herald

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becoming a joke [or] the last of these feelings

not wanting to share this on social media already makes me feel like im taking a step in the right direction. . unless you consider a blog a form of social media, im just using it as a soundboard to anyone who would listen. if i lay it out on facebook, for example it just because a meme, easily downplayed or discarded or dissected.. i cant be my complete sexual self on facebook, either. or talk about addiction, or mental illness, or suicide, or murder for that matter in the public eye where my kid could see it, or my mother, or somebody else who might worry or have their feelings hurt..

what about me? what about my feelings? what about my inability to handles my anxiety to the point where I end up in the paralysis of a emotional episode.. whether it be panic, or a relapse, or fear..just cold fear..? 

all other symptoms of these episodes also emerge.. acting out on impulses, isolation, depression, fear.. 

while its happening im mostly aware, mostly passive, thinking itll just continue on but as time passes i’m noticing i’m unable to communicate in a way that shows any urgency to the recipient. im unable to connect in a way that implies an empathetic interaction .. emotions are just a big white noise.. everything makes me cry. happy/sad.. but being on the edge of this intense emotional threshold doesnt bother me.. i dont want to not feel .. its important to me to feel things intensely but now i feel the valve is off, that ive added mood changing and programming features to my system trying to find a way to balance it all and I feel more imbalanced than ever.

i dont want to share this with anyone because honestly, i dont want people feeling sorry for me.. i dont want to worry anyone. yet my actions should worry anyone who cares I would think. 

i stopped taking my necessary medications over a month ago. maybe longer. i dont know why. i dont want to die, i dont want to live either. im apathetic to the whole experience right now, the world crisis list of unprecedented proportions and I am left just fearful and apathetic. I want to fight it but either dont know where to start or feel the fight is unwinnable. that i should be preparing for something. that i should be protecting my kids but to speak this to anyone puts me in a crazy category. i dont feel crazy i just feel hyper concerned. i feel paranoid and fearful for my mom, my kids who I hardly talk to or see.. my “friends” all over the world, each one im sure with a similar psychosis to my own. i don’t want to be anyones problem. who can fuckin’ help me anyway? have you seen downtown on the streets? insanity everywhere. dying souls everywhere. 

i used to think i was special, that i was meant to change something, but i dont remember that last time i felt that way.  i cant find my way through a meaningful relationship. i searched my sexuality and i’ve found my comfortable place and theres a vacuum where that desire used to be. that drive was placed there by a learned behavior and now I have health problems because of that obsession and another.

i just want to share simple things. to laugh. to grow, to build! i’m alone! everyone used to ask your worst fear and here i am! i feel so fucking alone.

i dont want you to know by i write it because maybe somebody knows what to do with this information. i just holding on right now. just rolling with it. i have no desire to end it but im still indifferent. my worst fears on that is leaving my sons and mother in this fucked up world. What’s sadder still is I don’t really care what my dad thinks about it. That’s a whole other story. I love him. I forgive him. So much he never atoned for. He has he has atoned with Christ. I try not to feel angry about that. It’s my problem them, right? Ugh, I digress.

none of the women i loved love me back, remember my name or trust me enough. the whole point the whole time was to build something and now im more than halfway done and i havent a single thing to show for it as far as what people consider to be “success”.

poor bil. poor guy. all the chiche single parent poor child .. but i never went hungry, not really. i have no reason to complain yet my self entitled ego affliction implies otherwise. who am i to even be writing this? God or no god? Who the fuck am I to even think I have a right to feel slighted, or entitled, or in need? I want to be free of this.. this longing, .. i dont want to starve or fight wars or know an example.  i know thats coming. i just would love to feel that “click” of harmony! every time I get close something shifts. then what do i do with that? roll with the punches? ignore my inner voice? go with the flow and do whats expected of me? i dont even really know what that is but I dont see choices that work or provide any hope. maybe im just blind. maybe im afraid of finding out. am i really that selfish and stupid and naive to think it would stay the same forever and we would figure it out together. i dont have a together right now. im a 3rd wheel in everything. ive never felt this way before.

stuck. so stuck. learn to help yourself out. stop talking! stop typing! find a way to disconnect. theres got to be an answer for me, a path, anything. why do i feel like i have to apologize for this? so angry and confused. lost. find my path. show me my path please. someone.

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September 11th (Have we Forgotten?) – #anon

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California passed a law boosting police transparency on cellphone surveillance. Here’s why it’s not working – LA Times

An analysis of hundreds of police records reveals California still knows little about how police use cellphone tracking devices even after a transparency law was passed in 2015 to i

Source: California passed a law boosting police transparency on cellphone surveillance. Here’s why it’s not working – LA Times

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Graham Hancock Archaeological Evidence of Advanced Civilizations 


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the path of totality

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does it sound *that* crazy? and if so WHY the fuck are we wasting our time

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(176) American Propaganda (Part 1) – The Most Brainwash People on Earth – YouTube

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microphone terrorist

vocalist/multiinstrumentalist  [contact via email bilzbub@gmail.com]
seeking others to start heavy, groovy hybrid style project incorporating elements of my interpretation of our collective influences.. preferably with a root in heavy riffs, hard rocking back beats and a mix of poetry and message .. force fed .. live show explosions, displays of musicianship demanding respect, intelligent booking and marketing, mystery musical terrorism, an anarchist’s cookbook of media fun..

i personally grew up with hendrix, joplin, sabbath, floyd, motown, harley davidsons, free love, war, drugs, .. branching out in my teens through metal of every genre, hip hop, rock (esp the free time of the 80’s), industrial, psychedelic, techno of every variation, tribal, punk as well as studying styles of musicians i love as i picked up bass and guitar in addition to drums along the way.. tried my hand at synth and sequencing and resampling

fame is a by product of being seen in repetition. if this is true, fame comes on its on. in it for money or “pro”? again a by product of hard work. want to “get signed”? buy a pc and protools and post it on itunes. boom! you’re signed. this isnt about all that shit…

samples of my work? the last time i was in the studio as a vocalist was the year 2000. i had done some tinkering at home and the results are all posted on my soundclouds and you tube. its a frame of reference but certainly isnt an accurate representation of my ability or creativity. this is why i hate this process as a vocalist. so many expectations. its almost like blind dating. the past and the future are not real. now is. if you cant take the time and a chance to stand in the same room for an hour and write a song as a group to see if you have what it takes to be a band of brothers for the coming storms then we arent a match anyway..

we can all head down to rock and roll san diego by the sports arena and grab 2 hours and see if we match.. day evening or weekend, we all chip in?

so generally i hope to be writing in the same energy as the following acts but not specific to any

deftones, tool, nin, sabbath, coc, rage against the machine, gojira, neurosis, mad capsule markets, korn, alice in chains, rollins band, the prodigy, bad brains, jane’s addiction, beastie boys, crash worship to name a few. 

things you can easily see on youtube or with a google search.

i dont think age matters. if it does to you, *shrug*, what can I say. I was born in 1969 but many think im in my mid 30’s. I dont correct them. Its a little like being a vamp. I’m not sure how long itll last but its telling me that age is not a requirement for playing music and doing what you love. I still have music to make. Shows to play. I have years in front of me and life happened and now im on the other side and craving the experience of creating music and playing shows and the experiences that go with it… not just for our ‘band’ but for all bands in the local, national and global scene at large for this universe is infinite.

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Temo Uribe Interviews Bil Black of 927_Entertainment

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BRIMSTONE Trailer (2017) – YouTube

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927.PRESENTS_SAT.LAB DJ Otis/SR:0/wanmo/MagicMicXLR/Beat Factory

927 is proud to present SAT.LAB, a night of grooves and beats in various funky styles in the EDM/Techno/HipHop flavors. 21+ — NO COVER..

An event to promote counciousness and embrace music genres!


DJ Otis – techno/house music [LINK]


Magic Mix XLR  [LINK]

Beat Factory – [LINK]

SR:0  [LINK]

facebook event page: 

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927 Presents: Her Bed of Thorns/Wet/Los Santos live at City Pub, San Diego! June 1st – NO COVER – 21+

NINETWENTYSEVEN & ARC Management Present: Encinitas’ own HER BED OF THORNS drops a set of riff driven hard rock as well as a night of hard rock and metal for your pleasure, also the funk rock grooves of WET and LOS SANTOS… No Cover! 21+ Drink Specials All Night.




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(17) 24/7 lofi hip hop radio – smooth beats to study/sleep/relax – YouTube

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