exposes more than bargained for
infectious plague, which very few are brave enough to engage.

i allow dialogue to shift away from heavy subjects when i sense they can no longer be dissected without fear or hesitation and i, reluctantly, save my wonder for later to cater to those who froze when something new was introduced exhibited.

i, playfully, prod at the random borders, erected, and maintained to leave only a feigned pantomime, in its place.
this performance, while entertaining, falls short of containing enough authenticity to be inspiring or even interesting so investing energy appears to be, clearly, a wasted expenditure.

i assure you, though, to grow is to learn and, to earn the skin inhabited by your creature, no feature should be arbitrary or a very slippery slope awaits anyone who hates to confront themselves and, therefore, avoids it.

i sit, consumed with thought, and maybe you ought to be too. only through this challenge does wisdom draw near. here will i wait for another chance to glance at that, which is both fascinating and terrifying, and i would be lying if i said anything else was more compelling.” -adria ross

About Bil Black

musician, producer, pathfinder, Herr Hoku, prophet, channeler, defender of the analog/digital domains and defenseless animals, he who is confused,, sapiosexual, loner, rebel, explorer of time and space, watcher from the wall and shield to the realm of men.
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