the first peppers on the vine growing. one enough to where i can probably eat it now. the underdog bulbous green onions are defiantly reaching upwards in concert with the lettuce and the red potatoes. i can feel it. yesterday at the worldbeat center i was sitting in the grass listening to some reggae riddims and what pops up out of the ground right next to me but a crazy little gopher, just leaning there, staring right back up at me as if to say Hey.. whats all the ruckus? 

Hey are you drinking red? I fucking love Red!

813He feeds there for a while around his daily route, paying no mind to the humans filming and posing with him. As quickly as he showed up, he turned tail, slipped back down the hole, sealing it behind him. The party, at least for him, was over.

so, do i wait a few more days for the peppers to ripen or sample this first one? the basil and thyme smell amazing. its on my fingertips. im going to put them in my eggs.

romas too, maybe a week away, 8 days tops.

right behind it are the potatoes.

the city wide yard sale is comin, brothers and sisters, down in Imperial Beach on the 30th, I believe. Come down and take advantage of the community event while helping the locals make a few extra bucks in hard times. 🙂

thank you for this beautiful monday

i think the pool is almost ready!

if i appear to have taken my  own life, you will know something’s wrong.

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