a little work – up before the sun – the grid – sky



much to do this week. nothing to say. need money so submit. read the news. we are already at war. with somebody else. with each other. you and me. the wo/man in the mirror. FB_IMG_1441742348301

i like the idea of riding my bike into the cold sun today. further annoying my already aching back for more green paper. the same green paper that buys me other green things. everything is green.

my loyal dogs keep me warm in the night. answer my calls. let me take out my fits on their unsuspecting little souls. no other is so loyal. they watch and love me no matter what i do.

the winter phase is resting, hopefully it will return. it would be a shame to put all my winter clothes away already. ill keep them handy. there are friends out there, there are places to go. i need to release the notion i have to stay here all the time. the dogs need to see more country. maybe i can train them to hang out in a motel room without barking? would it be inhumane to leave them in a car over night if they are comfortable, fed and watered, so i can get some sleep on the road…?

‘the key is not necessary ‘not giving a fuck’, its giving a fuck more freely’

close your eyes and connect. i plead with you to loan me your energy. to connect with mine, consciously, purposefully and remain connected. the trick is to make it subliminal. to make it like riding a bike, something that goes on in the background.  imagine it through the invisible grid connecting us. it surrounds us like a net, every living being. our mother earth has one of her very own. the sun. the “moon”. simple imagine yourself connected and you are.

build me up. i promise this time not to be afraid, lazy, i will not give up, i see now what i must do but i need resources. i am  not full of shit. i have  seen so many walk with me to that very last step that overlooks the new expanse, and only a few have flown. the trick is not to keep me. the trick is to be by my side no matter where you are…and i will be by yours. 22

for now, if we want to see the truth before we die, before this war nobody believes in burns us all in a gigantic flame.. i want to know bliss again! i want to feel us together again! all of us! one voice.

music. love. laughter. quiet meditation so loud the entire world will again see the polar shift and the world again will know enlightenment. it starts in the language we speak. focus on  me. connect. stay connected. it can all be shared instantly but don’t hang on that word, instantly, remember time is an illusion and you really don’t know how long an instant can be…

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musician, producer, pathfinder, Herr Hoku, prophet, channeler, defender of the analog/digital domains and defenseless animals, he who is confused,, sapiosexual, loner, rebel, explorer of time and space, watcher from the wall and shield to the realm of men.
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