Adria Ross, ‘Healer’, ‘Author’, ‘Thief’, Tweaker.


This is about ADRIA ROSS. look her up.. shes right there on facebook:

Adria Ross (
and Adria Nadine Ross Hhp (

you want to know what’s ridiculous? a lying meth head who steals hundreds of dollars of merchandise from her ex boyfriend because he doesn’t want to stay with her batshit crazy needy psycho ass. so she breaks all her promises and throws his stuff out of the apartment she said she would keep there. she keeps anything of value she wants because of the loan she gave him. she lies to everybody in her life. smoking that pizzo in her cockroach infested house with her illegal dogs and her tweaker friends making her stupid little trinkets. she makes 100 bucks an hour yet defrauds welfare and gets 200 bucks a month in free groceries. she acts like a healer yet is the darkest, most jealous little witch girl ever. don’t be fooled! she’s held my things hostage for 6 months, but shes been a liar and a fraud for YEARS and blames it all on her dads death. fucking sad. watch out for this one guys.

i never would of done this to anyone in a million years. six months holding my shit hostage is definitely long enough. i’ll try to bring the police there this week to get my things back. im happy to explain the entire story to anyone that wants to hear it .

i didn’t want to be with her anymore. she’s jealous, insecure, psycho. i used with her but i havent used in quite some time now. she offered to loan me a little money to cover my cable bill when we were together. i denied it at first but wanted to make sure likam had something to do at my house. i then tried to be honest with her and break up calmly, rationally, but she wanted to fight me tooth and nail. my stuff from my apartment was stored in her spare room. she put it all outside of her apartment for anyone to take. i couldnt fit it all and had to lose some of my furniture because of this.

she kept my grill, my 32″ tv, a fireplace heater, my digital drawing pad, as well as a few other items, all of which totally 4-5 times more than what i owed her.

i tried to approach her one last time on the issue and she wanted nothign to do with it. ill be happy to post that converstaion too.

she pretty much went freak mode again and blamed everything on me and still refuses to give my stuff back.. so here’s a break down on..

Adria Ross
“Holistical health practictioner”, self proclaimed reiki healer.
meth user
makes 100/hr at the healing center in la mesa she works at.. i will list this later, not wanting to involve the business right now because they are innocent in this thing….
she defrauds the welfare system claiming she pays 700/month in rent but hasnt paid rent in months. its her mom’s condo and she just stopped paying it without her mom’s permission. her mom still lets her live there, but she that 700 bucks a month she pays for rent is reported to HHS and they pay her about 200 bucks a month in EBT.

you know how much they pay me? 16$.

she makes her own pizzos (meth pipes) by ordering test tubes and blowing the pipes with a torch.

she has two dogs (agains the rules of the homeowners association) living in her condo that arent supposed to be there. one has been deemed to be put down but she snuck him out of the kennel and keeps him secretly./ shes afraid to bring him in public out of fear the cops will put him down or itll be taken into custody.

she claims to be a healer but is the most vindictive, judgemental person i’ve ever met.

she lives in a shit hole full of cockroaches. her dogs shit in the back room of her house in a make shift toilet because shes afraid to walk them.

she treats her other dog like shit. talks to it like shit. but the pit bull thats supposed to be dead is treated like a human baby. the female is constantly neglected and talked down to.

these are just examples.

this is not bullshit. i would never spread lies. i would never write a post like this, but ive tried to be nice, ive tried to be mean, i gave her all the time in the world. i even tried to be her friend again.. im DONE

in a time where im sleeping on a couch with no car and no home i need my merch to put money in my pocket. the court went back on our deal and im being charged 500/month for child support again. i have a teen kid to raise. i make only 1 grand a month right now. how am i supposed to live?

and this chick fucks everyone over, steals from the system, steals my shit and all because i dont want a relationship with her..

she prints out her arguments with all her exes, and reads them over and over again, she hi lites the convos to try to prove she was not in the wrong, that she isnt crazy. she has notebooks of these emails, analyzed, hi lighted, read and re read. obsessed.

i just want to put this out there because she thinks she’s in the right to steal my property, to hold it ransom. she had no legal right to do so. and when i show with the authorities, and leave with my stuff, that the last laugh belongs to me.

im tired of women walking all over me and expecting to win just because they are women. they are CHILDREN..

and yes its MY fault for making my choices. i blew it too. but i didnt steal from her. yeah i fucked her, did her dope, spent time at her house,l ate her ice cream. i held her while she sleeped. i was a friend to her. and then she stated to get weird and abusive.

she wanted me to sign a relationship contract that would be renewed over time.

she used my own ex “best” friend to move my furniture out of her apartment to where anyone could have it.

ill stop now but i could go on. i could copy and paste some shit that would blow your mind.

this is not slander.
this is not made up.
this is the truth.
this is fact.

shes a thief.
a drug addict.
a criminal.
a liar.
a false healer.
a false friend.

ADRIA ROSS. “writer” “healer”

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