Beyonce Drops ‘Formation’ Video Ahead of Super Bowl Appearance 

Yes! Get ready for another Satanically Super Charged Illuminati Performance from one of the 7 heads of behemet! Yay! Woo! All Right Satan! Liam Says: Illuminati Confirmed even though he states he will not watch the super halftime evil empire extravaganza as he is too good for and much rather would of liked bruno mars.. HAHAH. Liam Pranked in front of the internet during a post about Beyonce/Sasha Fierce/Illuminatis Whore of Babylon..



A day ahead of her anticipated return to the Super Bowl halftime show stage, Beyonce has released new single and music video “Formation.”

Source: [VIDEO] Beyonce Drops ‘Formation’ Video Ahead of Super Bowl Appearance | Variety

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