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Dog dies saving Florida owner from alligator –

Our connection with our animals is pure and sacred. Thank you for protecting your owner, little guy!!!  So sad but this is the love of a dog. Power. Pure. Sad, but this man is alive today because of you. May … Continue reading

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activity. the first peppers on the vine growing. one enough to where i can probably eat it now. the underdog bulbous green onions are defiantly reaching upwards in concert with the lettuce and the red potatoes. i can feel it. … Continue reading

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12 Chihuahua Stereotypes That May Or May Not Be Accurate – BarkPost

I love dogs. I never thought I would love dogs as much as I love dogs now. I have someone to thank for that. She made a believer out of me when we went to bring my dogs home.   … Continue reading

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Cop kills dog during assault investigation | – [KSWB]

So you’re telling me you killed a dog that’s completely unrelated to the event you are investigating? Seriously, please, stop this. Damn it’s ridiculous and outrageous. Source: Cop kills dog during assault investigation | FOX5 San Diego – San Diego … Continue reading

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