checking in

lots of cool stuff on the horizon! Alien Con in october, touring all summer, stage handing for Rhino, and of course the future of mankind is at stake this election year! Awesome!!!!

The site is sleeping at the moment but we’ll be back online soon. Looking for submissions! Art, articles, music and movie reviews and other misc compositions!! Feel free to contact me at !!


ONE LOVE .. THE TIME IS COMING .. BE AWAKE, BE READY.. keep it safe.. keep it secret. .. . . .     .;)


in the meantime.. this happened down in Imperial Beach, California where we rocked with punk rock legend RICHIE RAMONE as well as other friends like STATE LINE SYNDICATE, WILD RIDE, THE SHEIKHS OF NEPTUNE and many many more…

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musician, producer, pathfinder, Herr Hoku, prophet, channeler, defender of the analog/digital domains and defenseless animals, he who is confused,, sapiosexual, loner, rebel, explorer of time and space, watcher from the wall and shield to the realm of men.
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