Chinese military space station in remote Argentina shrouded in mystery | [Fox Latino]

Even though mainstream media knows exactly why China is setting up shop down there for “deep” space exploration, the the globalist’s globular de_evolution agenda moves forward smoothly. Meanwhile, the paralyzed and hypnotized “world” citizens still allow themselves to be railroaded with lies without a question as to what the truth is really is. They push it harder and harder, as they have the budget for it {if there is such a thing in their world, knowing the target audience without any form of leadership lacks organization and the will to come together. The perception illusion remains firmly in place as the words and actions are waved in front of our dull, expressionless, self absorbed faces. Meanwhile, the south “pole” remains firmly secured from public investigation.

Unlike the other space station in the South American country – an antenna in Argentina’s central-west Mendoza province built by the European Space Agency – the Chinese facility will be operated by the country’s military.

Source: Chinese military space station in remote Argentina shrouded in mystery | Fox News Latino

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