Delegate Count Leaving Bernie Sanders With Steep Climb – The New York Times

The shame is what would the playing field be like if it were level for all players?  There is really no way to know without the influence of billionaire cash floating around. The price we’ll pay in the long run and our children as well. It’s all I’ve ever wanted for my kids to be in a world that’s not a nuclear gmo infused hell wasteland. I’ve seen the signs and make my own conclusions based on my own research. If we don’t make a change, NOW, then we’re looking at the future we see in sci fi movies.  It can be one or the other.. it can be clean and post apocalyptic, or clean and ultra-sterile robotic controlled surgical mind control. Either way, the tribes of the earth are not safe  from what lies ahead unless we start appointing leadership that matters.

Remember the whore of Babylon has been bred for this. She murders wiHillarythout question in the eyes of the entire planet and still walks free.

She lays with wolves and shakes the hand of the 13.


The delegate count in the Democratic primary shows Mr. Sanders slipping behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the nomination, and the odds of him overtaking her are growing increasingly remote.

Source: Delegate Count Leaving Bernie Sanders With Steep Climb – The New York Times

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