Dimethyltryptamine for breakfast.

i had my first DMT experiment this morning.

there were no elves involved.

i had a strong awareness of the trip and it had familiar benchmarks.
the visuals were like none other ive experienced with any other drug. very intense, patterned and very likely some of the most detailed hallucinations ive ever experienced. it wasnt exactly what i expected and i felt it ended far too soon. i wanted to explore the interactions more closely but i came out of it very quickly at 10 minutes. i was very aware of the fact i was under the influence of dmt so at no time did i ever get the sense i had gone too far or had lost touch with reality. i felt very grounded and even grateful for the experience i was gifted. after all, i have been searching for dmt for what what may well be two decades.



like with most of my trips i went into this expecting.. not answers necessarily but more possibly the opportunity to reconfigure my consciousnesses to grasp motivation, focus, and the techniques needed to hustle my way back in the game.

one goes into this type of experience with an expectation, whether intentional or not. i expected maybe direction, an answer, contact, a glimpse through the membranes of dimensions, time and reality.  i did experience this to some degree…however, the “message” i received told me i was exactly where i was supposed to be.

the others in the room retreated after they knew i was an experienced psychedelic traveler and left me to my trip. i wanted to close my eyes but at the same time the room was intensely affected and I didn’t know where to stay.

the visuals were intense. i embraced the feeling wholeheartedly and rode it out. i feel the way i smoked it may have shorted the trip a little bit but i went about 10 minutes and it was very quickly gone.

i was very, very satisfied with the experience and look forward to another.

Descriptions of the Ayahuasca Experience


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2 Responses to Dimethyltryptamine for breakfast.

  1. Drea says:

    I’ve heard that these trips usually don’t last more than 15mins at time, so I don’t think it was you.