DNC Convention 2016: Soviet Flags, Palestinian Flag – BUT NO US FLAGS

It’s the worst part of this journey to November, this circus, this madhouse, this looking glass perspective on the real state of the union, this realization that the champions might actually be on the payroll and that the american dream was assassinated with John F. Kennedy. The democrats, paid betrayers of the constitution and the republican greed machine that use that same document as toilet paper once the DP is done with it. Maybe that acronym is by design. Sure feels like it. What’s even more fucked is the two headed Red/Blue American Political Hydra is real and will consume us in the end. They all want war. They all want genocide and an automatic, systematic, hydromatic depopulation of this quadrant’s gold, oil and human energy supply. I’ve lost hope, and that ain’t good….there is no pride, no self love and we’re all being torn apart and placed in invisible prisons projected into our consciousness.. and most are okay with that. Fuck.

Source: DNC Convention 2016: Soviet Flags, Palestinian Flag – BUT NO US FLAGS

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