dont panic

Facebook is like drugs to me. It had to be stopped. It feeds my narcissism so intensely. I know people are reading, feeling, responding and reacting. It’s not like back years ago when I was physically making contact from the stage, mic in hand..  Not as intense, personal but tangible. I’m going to rest here for a while. Fell free to make an account and settle in while I continue to develop this space.

“Push the button, baby.”

About Bil Black

musician, producer, pathfinder, Herr Hoku, prophet, channeler, defender of the analog/digital domains and defenseless animals, he who is confused,, sapiosexual, loner, rebel, explorer of time and space, watcher from the wall and shield to the realm of men.
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One Response to dont panic

  1. miklbub says:

    Hey bud, just got a message from yo mama, after asking her about you, directing me to this sight. I can totally get stepping away from fb for a while or whatever. I have been a button’s push away many times myself. Especially this fucked up time of the year. Just wanted to make sure you’re ok. You already know I care and that your friendship means a lot to me. Do what you want, but lets try not to lose contact.
    It looks like dealing with my dad is going to have to be done the hard way. I’m back in Yuma now. He’s going to have some medical and psyc appointments coming up soon. The family is going to wait for those results to decide what to do from there. Until then, ugh, I don’t know how I’m going to fund myself, but I’m having a hard time with the idea of going back to work for a little while. I am loosely predicting going back to SD in a few weeks. I have an open invite to stay with my little brother and his family (and his meth problem) down by SW Junior. Don’t think the idea of staying with my dad is going to be a realistic option.
    Anyway, things are up in the air as always. It was good seeing you. Gotta love miracles. I’ll let you know here when I’ll be back. I still feel like we have a lot more hanging out that needs to be done. Love you, brother. we’ll be in touch.