Freq.Fest.v.5.0 Day 1 Photos! (Pt.1) @The Smell – DTLA 1/15 | KTNM

The new artists are making a new world right under the noses of the elite. I’m always amazed when youth artists/musicians  come together and create the new visions that shape art of tomrrow. Very cool. See/hear more at the link below.

First set of 8bitLA and Play it Loud’s Freq.Fest.v.5.0 photos! Freq.Fest.v.5.0 (Day 1) @ The Smell, DTLA 1/15/2016 Bleep <3 FEATURED ARTISTS: VINCE KAICHAN CYCLOPS ROCK TRASH80   Chec…

Source: Freq.Fest.v.5.0 Day 1 Photos! (Pt.1) @The Smell – DTLA 1/15 | KTNM

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