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I’m seriously a fan of these bikes. $3k for a bike seems steep but the possibilities are endless and a huge upgrade from the life i have now. i can live without a car. i  no longer have a small child. im not in a band. life has changed rapidly and i feel welcoming this change is part of my evolution. had i the means i would snatch up a bike like this in a heartbeat. the only thing that i don’t like about this bike is the very obvious area where the battery is. I feel with a little ingenuity that area could of seen some more modern or sophisticated aesthetic design. im a *huge* fan though at this point and this is a serious option for me as I move into a new phase of living. I’m thinking of Hawaii and maybe this bike is the answer as my primary source of transportation…

Really an amazing electric bike. I’m in love with this concept.

High torque Currie Electro-Drive® systems, tailored suspension, and refined control make IZIP trail bikes the masters of any terrain.

Source: IZIP Electric Bikes – Trail & Sport eBikes

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