Obama Hid “Jesus” at Catholic University – But Allows “Allah” to Be Widely Displayed During Islamic Center Speech [infowars]

I’ve never seen this so blatantly in my lifetime. Not to say I havent experienced widespread racism.. but never have I seen a US president bury Christianity before our very eyes. So obvious, so arrogantly defacing at the very least the foundations of the USA. Freedom of Religion is a integral part of the American believe systems especially in a time where things are shifting so rapidly. Tolerance and Compassion have never before been as important as today and whats to come in tomorrow.

So it should now be obvious to everyone that President Obama does indeed have a double standard when it comes to religions.

Source: Obama Hid “Jesus” at Catholic University – But Allows “Allah” to Be Widely Displayed During Islamic Center Speech » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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