The U.S. Is At The Center Of The Global Economic Meltdown | Zero Hedge

Is this all above my head? The same questions arise as to how I am going to prepare to move my family from harm’s way if possible and find a safe haven to figure out if there is a world to survive for…

While the economic implosion progresses this year, there will be considerable misdirection and disinformation as to the true nature of what is taking place. As I have outlined in the past, the masses were so ill informed by the mainstream media during the Great Depression that most people had no idea they were actually in the midst of an “official” depression until years after it began. The chorus of economic journalists of the day made sure to argue consistently that recovery was “right around the corner.” Our current depression has been no different, but something is about to change. Unlike the Great Depression, social crisis will eventually eclipse economic crisis in the U.S. That is to say, our society today is so unequipped to deal with a financial collapse that the event will inevitably trigger cultural upheaval and violent internal conflict.

Source: The U.S. Is At The Center Of The Global Economic Meltdown | Zero Hedge

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